Never let conviction trump discipline.
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These are some very simple ideas that I will be following in my investing this year.
We will be posting a link to selected investing portfolios that should help you in your thinking process.

Rules for Trading Options and selected stocks January 2020- August 2021
  • 1. Only buy in the money strike price or better. If you cannot afford to buy in the money and time do not buy less expensive strikes.
  • 2. Minimum time spread 60 days.
  • 3. Only buy individual stocks or ETF's you understand.
  • 4. Stock must have a defined catalyst within the first two weeks.
  • 5. Only buy on market down days or on a severe oversold plunge.
  • 6. Avoid paying a premium and try to sell on an up day with a premium.
  • 7. Research three month strike prices forward- no open interest- do not buy. Don't be alone in the trade.
  • 9. Kill losing trades quickly- if the catalyst passes without the action expected- get out.
  • 10. If stock falters on resistance for three days- get out.
  • 11. Be aware of when earnings dates are. If stock does not pop on earnings get out quick.
  • 12. Buy 2 positions and then 2 more if your idea is still sound in a day or two.
  • 13. Be familiar with the stock and its pattern. Never buy options in a stock you don't know.
  • 14. If there is significant inside selling only buy puts.
  • 15. Under no circumstances get closer than 3 weeks to expiration.
  • 16. If the market moves against you in triple digits get out if you can. Stocks don't fight the trend.
  • 17. Playing puts requires more homework than calls. Better to buy calls in undervalued ETF's instead.
  • 18. Understand that TV advice may be contrary to actual positions held. Find three confirming reasons to buy.
  • 20. Time is your enemy. Don't pay for a premium and don't try to run out the clock. You will not be spared.
  • 21. The expiration date is the MOST important piece of information. Never get within 3 weeks of it.

If you are looking for an interesting book you might give this a read.- It is a novel called When To Quit by M.J. Milner. Here is a short summary- As a world renowned virologist Dr. Dawson Curgalff ( one of the winners of the coveted Conway Awards ) finds herself on the fringe of a life overwhelmed. In addition to searching the world for the animal hosts of zoonotic lethal viruses she has steadily collected war orphans and extracted them from combat zones. Unknown to her public admirers she is also a formidable opponent on the battle field. After a lifetime of struggling to rescue war orphans from the clutches of insurgent generals she has accumulated enemies and left a long trail of rotting corpses. In certain circles the mere mention of her name brings on a certainty of fear. She hasn't survived by just getting through experiences. She has survived by damaging those who have opposed her without conscience or remorse. The Conway Award was supposed to provide extreme funding for people who were brilliant enough to stop the extinction of mankind. She hadn't done that and knew her efforts had been fought to a standstill. On her way to receive more money from the Conway Foundation she learns that the first love of her life, Bradford Ramsden was recently shot. After the award dinner in New York Mr. Conway asks her to go an identify the body which is being held in a morgue in Newark. Ramsden had disappeared suddenly from her life, and the world, just after getting his award over thirty years ago. She is accompanied on this quest by Liam Stephens, her fellow award winner who also had also been friends with Ramsden decades ago. When they see the body they both realize that it is not Brad but a body double. Agreeing to identify the corpse as Brad they begin to investigate why there is a body double. Apparently Ramsden had created a decades long, deep cover identity. Shortly thereafter events begin to spiral dramatically out of control. Liam Stephens is killed. Shot right through the head by the same caliber bullet that killed Brad. She is now being investigated for her connections to both murders and three others committed by the same assassin. She becomes fatally ill from an unknown dehydrating disease and goes blind as well. Awaking in the hospital late in the night she realizes that Brad is sitting on the floor in her hospital room. He is very much alive and has achieved the Conway Award goal, after a fashion. He is going to implement a plan that will force governments around the world to decrease the sizes of their standing armies and destroy all of their weapons of mass destruction. Interested? Go to Amazon or any fine ebookseller and search for When To Quit by M.J. Milner. When To Quit is the first in a series by the way.

This page is about making stock market selections that work in today's economy! Remember if you are interested in a new novel check out When To Quit! A fine read.

If you have limited exposure to Investing in the stock market and you are interested in getting into the game but don't want to go it alone get in touch. I have forty years of investing experience and offer strategic stock market investing and trading guidance. If you need to hire a personal consultant to keep your ideas solid and your investing on track I am taking on a limited number of coaching clients. This service is on a retainer basis after a free one hour interview. If you are ready to make a change in your financial situation and want to "rent" some wisdom please get in touch. My mistakes are all paid for.

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